Red (warm) dog coat, blue & select a cool temperature, like our Blackwatch Plaid Dog Collar

Choosing a complimentary color for your dog’s collar can be tough, and even tougher when you have as many choices as there is in dog collars today. So what color collar should you choose for your dog? Keep in mind that colors that appeal to you may not look as good on your dog, so you’ll want to choose a color that will compliment your dogs coat. Fortunately, there’s a simple rule that will guide you in selecting a collar color that is just right for your dog, and it’s all about temperature. That’s right, temperature. Colors can be divided into cool, warm and neutral colors. Blues, purples and greens are considered cool colors. Reds, browns, and tan are warm colors. Black, white and grey are neutral. Your dog’s coat color will fall into either the warm or neutral color category.

Brown (warm, light) coat, choose a cool, dark color like our Purple Flower Dog Collar

Once you determine the color category your dog falls in, shop for opposites in color temperatures. In other words, if your dog’s coat is a warm color like brown or red, shop for cool colors, like blue or green. Other warm colored coats would be brown, tan, chocolate, and buff. The lighter the coat color, the darker the color, and the darker the coat color, the lighter the cool color you chose should be. If your dog’s coat is black, then you are a lucky one. There’s not too many colors a black-coated dog can’t wear. But the light/dark rule still applies here. Stay away from colors that are close to black in tone, like brown and navy.

Black (neutral, dark) coat; Choose a bright, light collar, any color!

If you have a white dog, you have as many choices as you do with a black dog. Again, go for contrast with darker color hues. Yellows, pinks and other pastel colors just won’t stand out. Last is the grey-coated dog. Greys can be warm or cool, so lean towards colors that are the opposite Some greys are the perfect blend of black and white, making it just as neutral, and here again, almost any color goes. Just be sure to strike a balance between light and dark. This post originally appeared on The Artful Canine’s Blog Site. If you’re not reading this via email or RSS feed from The Artful Canine’s Blog Site, it may have been stolen.

White (neutral, light) coat; choose a dark, contrasting color collar, like our Nautical Dog Collar

Grey Coat (neutral, light); choose a brighter, darker color collar

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