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Production, Assembly, Sewing machine Operator

Production, Assembly, Sewing machine Operator

We have an opening someone who is a skilled technician or craftsperson who is quick and accurate. This is a great opportunity for someone looking for a reliable, rewarding and flexible part-time position. We offer flexibility in work hours/schedule, paid holidays and vacation, and performance incentives and bonuses.. Weekly hours will vary between 15 - 20 hours per week.

Your job will be to perform a variety of tasks associated with the creation and finishing of our products. Your ability to work accurately and efficiency will be rewarded with healthy bonuses. And your initiative and participation will result in contributions that will be recognized and appreciated.

Here's the details and tasks of the job:

- Operate sewing machine for decorative topstitching, or bartack machine for assembly of products.
- Prepare products to be sewn by measuring, cutting, grouping and placing materials at designated work stations
- Perform clean up on finished products by cutting loose threads
- Smooth rough edges on product seams with hot knife
- Make adjustments to products to for easy fit into product packaging
- Sort, tag and package finished products
- Document completed work on appropriate worksheets for productivity tracking and bonus eligibility
- Put away packaged products
- Refill/restock materials needed for workstations
- Perform miscellaneous tasks and projects as assigned


- Have an artistic eye with visual precision for alignment and centering items.
- Attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of product meets our quality standards.
- Must have sewing machine or other precision equipment operation experience. Industrial sewing preferred.
- Possess excellent vision and pass company test
- Demonstrate ability to work in an organized manner
- Must have speed/accuracy skills to meet weekly quotas


- Flexible work schedule
- Starting pay based on experience and skills.
- 60 day, 6 month and annual performance review for salary increases in the first year.
- Quarterly/Annual Production bonuses (based on performance).
- Paid holidays and earned vacation

Job Type: Part-time

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