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Production Coordinator

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Job Description: Production Coordinator (OPEN)

Are you a taskmaster? Do you enjoy getting things done and stepping back to admire your work? Are you a neat freak? Do you have a track record of coordinating work in a fast, efficient and accurate manner? Do you like to sew? Then this job is for you!

 The production coordinator is responsible for organizing and preparing the tasks involved in making our products, while performing quality control tasks on completed work. When not performing production-related tasks, the coordinator will fill in on sewing products to be assembled. The primary goal of the coordinator is to assist the production manager in ensuring production tasks flow in a timely, efficient manner and meets company standards.


  • Prepare materials to be sewn/assembled by measuring, cutting, grouping, and prioritizing based on inventory & production schedule.
  • Initiates & completes production tickets for products low in inventory.
  • Assists contract sewers in solving machine & thread problems, material handling, etc., method questions, etc
  • Sets ups machines ad prioritizes daily work at each sewing station.
  • Conducts quality control checks on materials for flaws at each stage of production. Sets quality standards by example. Encourages low defect rate by monitoring work in progress and reporting/correcting errors in completed work.
  • Identifies opportunities for process improvement; creates methods to improve quality/efficiency.
  • Conducts inventory checks on raw materials and submits inventory reorder sheets as needed.
  • Performs topstitching production work as needed to meet daily/weekly production.

Work Experience & Skills

  • Good trouble shooter - able to assess problems and identify solutions.
  • Excellent focus, not easily distracted by environment.
  • Experience performing tasks with high rate of accuracy and efficiency
  • Good organizational skills
  • Adaptive to daily change, able to prioritize and re-prioritize as needed
  • Good communication/active listening skills
  • Experience in product assembly and/or sewing machine operation

 Benefits, bonuses

  • Pay commensurate with experience
  • Production bonuses
  • Paid holidays, earned vacation
  • Year-end bonus pay (based on personal performance & company goals)
  • Other discounts and company benefits
  • Health Care Benefits (following successful completion of trial period).