About Us


A Passion for Dogs, and pride in the workmanship of a finely Crafted Dog Collar.

In 2009, there weren't a lot of choices in dog collars. "I found it hard to find nice looking dog collars that were also durable and comfy," says founder Joanne Wood-Ellison.  And then came the idea, "Hey, I can do that! So Joanne started making dog collars, one at a time, for her grooming clients. Today, Joanne manages a small but crafty group of folks making beautiful dog collars, martingale dog collars, training dog collars, harnesses and other coordinating items for beautiful dogs all across the USA!

We’re the manufacturer, not a reseller.

As much as we say it, people don't believe it. We design & manufacture all of our collar, leash and harness products here in Sarasota FL. As the maker, we can ensure that our products are high quality and always in stock. We also offer customized variations of our dog walking gear to meet you & your dogs specific needs. 

Some of our dog collar materials are imported, some are USA made. We use a heavy-duty nylon as the base for our collars. Nylon is the strongest man-made material you can get, and that's why we use it. It's lightweight, flexible, washable, and comes in a variety of colors and widths.  This gives a dog collar added strength and helps keep its size and shape. Unlike the cheap imported collars that are made of a single layer of printed polyester, our decorative collars are two layers - a woven polyester fabric sewn onto nylon. Manufacturing in this way gives our collars a long lasting finish that won't fade, stretch or pill with time. 

Our hardware is made of strong metals such as steel and zinc. They are nickel plated for a polished finish. We use a much heavier slide on our larger martingales than most makers do, ensuring that your dog is safe on leash, even if they are strong pullers.

We’re all about quality and the details.

With 15 years of experience, we've become pretty good at making an artful, durable and attractive dog collar. If you look closely at our products, you’ll notice the hallmarks of a well-made item: tight, even top-stitching; thick thread; strong hardware; tightly woven fabrics and smooth edges. Our plaid patterns are sewn onto the nylon in a manner that lies flat and does not distort the pattern - unlike other plaids make with fabric. Our original designs are a woven fabric that holds up to washing and sunlight.

To give you confidence that our collars are well made, we offer a Limited 1-year Guarantee. Should you collar, leash or harness come apart, we will replace it for free!

assembling a dog collar with hardware
a close up of the seam construction of a dog collar
Our Seamstress at Work sewing fabric onto nylon

We’re small, and we like it that way.

Folks think we are bigger than we really are. That’s because we make every effort to provide a shopping experience that rivals the big boys, but with the personalized service you can only get with a small shop. We accept phone orders, and make ourselves available  to answer any questions you have about selecting the right dog collar or step-in harness for your dog.

We’re artful people.

Our team is made up of crafty & clever people who sew & assemble every Artful Canine product. They are experienced in the lost art of sewing; have a meticulous eye for detail, and take pride in the work they do. While we do use industrial-grade equipment to assemble our dog collars, it takes a artistic eye to form a straight seam. Unlike other dog collars, our seams do not detract from the beauty of the pattern it is sewn onto. We don't use those big boxy stitches (which, by the way, are not as durable as ours). We select thread colors that compliment a collars pattern. And when you touch and feel an Artful Canine product, you are getting the best of what these folks do.

We’re on a mission.

Our goal is to create products that are comfortable, affordable, functional, durable, fashionable and artful. Our intent is to offer a broad range of designs that will have your dog looking sharp and feeling comfortable day in and day out.

While the Artful Canine is just one of many retailers you can shop for dog collars & accessories, we view ourselves as being the only company that can offer you high quality & style at a great value.