Product Guides & Sizing

Choosing the Correct Size Collar or Harness Size for Your Dog

If you are in the market for a new dog collar or walking accessory and this is your first time visiting us, we urge you to visit one of the links below for the proper sizing and fit for your dog.  If for some reason you find that our in-stock products will not meet your needs, consider a custom (made to order) collar - we can customize any of our designs in the size, width and style you need for your dog.

If you know what you type and size of product you want and just need a size chart to select the correct size for your dog, click to see our Sizing Charts here. If you need a tape rule, CLICK HERE for a downloadable/printable yardstick. For more help with size and fit, select one of the guides below:

So how do you know what the best collar is for your dog? Well, you know your dog better than we do, but if you are a new dog owner, keep these simple rules in mind:

If you have a puppy or Dog that has never worn a collar or harness before, we suggest starting with a plain nylon quick release collar or plain harness for the following reasons:

  • They are lightweight and comfortable for a first collar or harness
  • They are affordable, as your pup will grow quickly and will need a larger collar in a few months
  • They will not become noticeably marred if your pup scratches and bites it (typical puppy behavior!)

If you are leash training, or have an adult or rescue and do not know the extent of his/her behavior on a leash, we recommend a martingale collar for the following reasons:

  • Martingales, particularly our chain loop styles, are excellent for leash training
  • If your new dog tries to pull back/resist moving forward on a leash, the martingale will constrict around the neck, preventing your new best friend from slipping out of the collar.
  • If it is a small dog, we suggest a harness, which prevents potential damage to those with delicate trachea's (check with your vet for further info).

About Our Products

All Artful Canine brand products are made by us here in the US. We sell direct to consumer exclusively, which means you get a fantastic value over typical pet boutique dog collars. Since we do not sell our products wholesale, we pass the savings on to you - up to 50% on comparable pet boutique collar prices. But the value of an Artful Canine collar doesn't stop at the price!

Based on our goal of providing comfortable dog collars that are long-lasting and easy to care for, we use a nylon webbing as a base for our collars, and then sew a good quality jacquard or polyester fabric over the webbing for added durability. We select our fabrics based on strength and colorfastness. For example, we do not use grosgrain ribbon, as many other collar crafters do, because this material fades quickly with time.

For our larger collars, we use strong hardware to ensure that your dog will stay safe when on leash. On all collars, we use nylon buckles - the strongest material you can get when it comes to plastics.

Unlike our competitors, we top-stitch our fabrics together using a 46 weight nylon thread and a tighter stitch. When we assemble our products, we use double, sometimes triple tacking techniques to ensure that our products will not come apart, aiding you in keeping your dog safe when on leash.

1-year Limited Guarantee
We back the quality of our collars up with a 1-year guarantee (see link for details). While we can't ensure that your dog won't scratch or chew the fabric, we can make sure that your dog walking gear will last when properly cared for.