1 Year Product Guarantee | We Stand Behind What We Make


We’ve tested our collar & leash products with puppies, small dogs, and big dogs for everyday use, outdoors and indoors. With 14 years of experience, we have developed a durable product that will:

  • Be comfortable, lightweight and durable, for your dog (once stiffness of new material breaks in)

  • Withstand several washes (machine wash delicate cycle, flat (air) dry.

  • Withstand normal, everyday "dog" wear. Our seams are very strong and will not unravel, and our hardware will not break.

  • Our hardware, nylon* and fabrics* will not fade (with some exceptions, see below) and our collars will remain durable and functional with proper care. With exception to some types of material wear* we guarantee that our collars will last at least a year on the average dog. 

If you find that this does not hold true, we welcome you to return your purchase and we’ll replace your dog’s collar for free!



  • Our collars, leashes and harnesses are intended for use indoors (off leash), or for outdoor/travel on leash with your dog. For harnesses and martingales, we advise that they be used on leash only, as dogs can get caught easily in brush and branches when unsupervised. This not only can cause damage to our product, it can put your dog's safety at risk.

  • Collars and leashes are not intended for use on a long tie out. Any breakage from a tie out longer than a 6 ft leash is not covered by our guarantee.

  • Our guarantee does not apply to charms & charm clasps or 3rd party products that do not reflect The Artful Canine trademark.

  • External forces and damage to decorative fabric or nylon is not covered under our guarantee as fabric and nylon is not "tear-proof." Examples of this type of damage is commonly caused by external trauma to the fabric that we cannot control, like friction, scratching or biting. Product must be returned (or photographed and sent to customerservice@theartfulcanine.com) to be eligible for a replacement.

  • We cannot guarantee that some colors will not fade if not washed or worn using our recommended care instructions. Note that red & pink nylon has a tendency to fade with exposure to sun, and bleed when exposed to salt and pool water/chemicals. While our collars do withstand getting wet occasionally, we do not recommend constant use in the water. See our Product Care Guide for help keeping your Artful Canine product looking good and lasting long. 

  • Anything that occurs to our products while not on your dog voids the guarantee, and is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

  • Fabric/nylon edge fraying may occur on a martingale loop due to the friction caused by constant pulling and tension of the loop. This typically occurs with large, strong dogs that pull non-stop when on leash, and create and continuous friction from the steel loop rings. While we guarantee that the loop and collar will not break, we suggest purchasing a martingale with a chain loop, which is designed specifically for vigorous use. This "half-check" martingale is perfect for big strong "pullers." 

* Our nylon and fabric material is not tear-proof, and cannot withstand vigorous abrasion (like nylon rubbing back and forth on tree bark, or puppy teeth/chewing), and as such is not covered under our guarantee. 

  • Replacement collars will be of the same (or comparable if no longer available) style/size as originally purchased.
  • Product must be returned (or photographed and sent to customerservice@theartfulcanine.com) to be eligible for a replacement.