Dog Collar Sizes | Neck Sizes by Breed

The list below provides a sampling of dog breeds* and the size range we estimate will fit that particular breed. Note: These sizes are based on AKC breed standards, which tend to be smaller than the average dog obtained from a non-competitive breeder.

If your dog is a mixed breed, or if there is any uncertainty about your dogs size, we strongly recommend measuring your dogs neck with a tape rule. If you don't have a tape rule, CLICK HERE for a downloadable/printable yardstick.  We also suggest using your dogs weight as a guide, vs. its breed, as the size of a breed depends largely on the breeder and lineage.


Australian Shepard - Large

Australian Cattle Dog - large

Golden Retriever - X-Large

Great Dane - X-Large, XX-Large (custom)

Greyhound - Medium, Large

Affenpinscher - Small

Basset Hound - Large

Irish Wolfhound - X-Large

Havanese - Small - Medium

Beagle - Medium

Bernese Mountain Dog - XX-Large & up (Custom)

Labrador Retreiver - X-Large

Maltese - Small

Bichon Frise - Small Manchester Terrier - X-Small, Small
Boston Terrier - Small, Medium Mastiff - X-Large, XX-Large (Custom)
Border Collie - Large Newfoundland - XX-Large (Custom)
Boxer - Large Papillon - Small
Brittany - Large Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Large
Bulldog - X-Large Pomeranian - Small

Cairn Terrier - Small

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Small

Portuguese Water Dog - Large

Poodle (Standard) - Large

Chihuahua - X-Small Poodle (Mini) - Small
Cocker Spaniel - Medium Pug - Small
Collie - Large Rhodesian Ridgeback - X-Large
Dachshund - Small Rottweiler - X-Large
Doberman Pinscher - Large Scottish Terriers - Medium
English Springer Spaniel - Large (under 40lbs, Medium) Vizsla - Large
French Bulldog - Small, Medium Weimaraner - Large
German Shorthair Pointer - Large West Highland White Terrier - Small
German Shepherd - Large, X-Large Yorkshire Terrier - X-Small
Greyhound - Medium - Large