Collars for a Cause Program

Our Collars for a Cause program is the charitable arm of The Artful Canine. It was created to support rescues and shelters in communities all across America through donations of our dog collars and leashes.

Our Mission

The Artful Canine brand has a reputation for providing quality products that are safe, functional and durable. We are one of the few manufacturers that offer a wide variety of martingales and ½ check collars for all dog types. As a result, we are popular with rescue owners and organizations. In an effort to support rescue and shelter organizations, we created our Collars for a Cause program, which allows us to provide support through product donations, regardless of their size or location. Our program mission is to provide collars & leashes that will aid in the successful training, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs in need of forever homes.

How the Program Works

As a manufacturer, we have a strict quality control process that prohibits the sale of any products with slight irregularities. For example, items with crooked seams, distorted patterns, fabric mars, and incorrect colors, etc. are put aside for donation to an organization in need. These irregularities do not affect the safety or functionality of the product, and are still covered by our 1-year guarantee.

Participation requires submission and approval of the Program Requirements Acknowledgment and Program Application Form. Once requirements are satisfied and the organization is approved for participation, all that is needed is a Product Request Form for the products needed. The request is prepared and shipped. Shipping costs are not covered in the donation, and must be paid prior to shipping. Any subsequent requests will be fulfilled so long as the organization remains in good standing regarding the programs requirements, does not exceed program maximums, and products available to donate. 

There are quantity limits for each request and a limit to the number of requests that can be made in a calendar year. These limits are outlined on our Program Application. 

There may be times where product availability is limited, or a specific size/style stock has been depleted from program participants. In such cases, the requests will be placed on “back order,” and as new product becomes available, requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. 

How Do I Apply for the Program?

Requirements for participation and related documents are provided in the links below. You must be authorized to act on behalf of your organization to sign/submit the Program Requirements Acknowledgment and Program Application Form. If you are not authorized to do so, simply have your rescue/shelters director or authorized personnel complete the application for you. 

Thank you, and we look forward to supporting your cause!

Program Requirements Acknowledgment

Program Application Form

Product Request Form (For approved participants only)