Buckle Martingale Collars That Go On/Off in a Snap!

Buckle Martingale Dog Collars are the perfect solution for those that want to take their dogs collar on/off when not on leash. The ease of a quick release buckle (verses a slip-on style martingale) makes using a martingale collar so much easier! If you are not familiar with buckle martingale collars and their use, please visit our blog article, "Martingale Collars - Uses and Definitions" for a run down on the different martingale collar styles available.

Our buckle martingale collars are made with your dogs safety in mind. We carefully handcraft each collar and guarantee that they will hold up for at least one year* if not longer when cared for properly. With 9 years experience, we are confident you will be happy with your purchase!

Fitting your dog for a buckle martingale collar is much earlier than a slip-on martingale. You need only measure your dogs neck. Please see our article Fitting Your Dog for a Martingale Collar and scroll to the section containing Buckle martingale measuring. If you need a tape rule, you can download a tape rule here.

Buckle Martingale Dog Collars

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