London Furberry Plaid Buckle Martingale Collar

The Artful Canine

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Our most popular plaid design, this London Furberry tartan buckle martingale is equipped with a quick release buckle that goes on in a snap. It is designed for those that seek the security and control of a martingale collar, without the hassle of putting it on over their dogs head. This tan, berry and black contemporary Scottish tartan design was the inspiration for that "you know who" designer, and will look great on any dogs coat. A buckle martingale can be taken on and off like a regular quick release collar and has all the safety features of a slip on martingale collar. Visit our Guide to Fitting Martingale Collars Sizing Page for fitting your dog in our martingale collars.


  • Great for rescues, escape artists, dogs with small heads (sighthounds) and for leash training. Learn more about Martingale Dog Collars here.
  • Quick release buckle style allows for easy-on/easy-off, or for dogs that are uncomfortable with having a collar going over their head/ears.
  • Adjuster allows you to make the collar larger or smaller to fit.
  • Lightweight and comfortable. Can be worn inside off-leash.
  • Materials: Colorfast woven fabric, black nylon webbing backing.
  • Care: Machine wash cold/warm, normal cycle, air dry
  • Handcrafted exclusively by The Artful Canine here in USA
  • 1-year durability guarantee