Guide to Fitting Quick Release Dog Collars

fitting your dog for a quick release collar


All you need is a tape measure ...

Yes, fitting your dog for our quick release dog collars is as easy as 1-2-3! Avoid the need to return/exchange by using this guide before you buy.

Use a soft measuring tape. If you don't have a soft measuring tape, cut a strip of paper or string and then lie that against a straight rule. Or, CLICK HERE for a downloadable/printable yardstick. We also have guide on our Dog Neck Sizes by Breed page that offers size recommendations for some of the more popular breeds based on AKC standards.

How to Measure:
Measure the portion of your dogs neck where the collar will naturally rest. Then add 1" (for smaller dogs), or 1.5" - 2" (for larger dogs). That's will be the minimum size collar (in inches) that you should target for your dog. For example, if your dogs neck is 10 inches, you should look for a collar of at least 11" or larger so that you can size it down to fit. If you have a puppy, find a collar that will size down to fit now, but will go at least 2" larger so that it will fit for a while before you have to buy his/her adult collar. Once on your dog and adjusted, make sure you can fit a finger or two in between the dogs neck and the collar s that its not too tight.

NOTE: If your dog's neck size is the same (or close) to the maximum size of our collars, play it safe - go for the next size up. You can always size our quick release collars down to nearly half their maximum size.