Custom Martingale Collar with Buckle, Basic Nylon

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A Martingale collar with a buckle snaps on and off with ease. Our basic buckle martingale collars are made with heavy-duty nylon, a military-grade buckle and quality hardware.

A buckle martingale dog collar can be taken on and off like a regular quick release collar yet has have all the safety features of a slip on martingale collar. This martingale is available in neck sizes from 7” (x-small) to 32” (xxx-large). This collar is adjustable, but you want to be mindful that the D-rings do not touch when on leash. Note that nylon will stretch up to 15% during the first 1 - 3 weeks of wear, so readjusting the collar to fit may be necessary. If you are unsure of what size martingale collar you need, watch Our Martingale Collar Sizing Video at right for fitting your dog in our martingale collars.

Martingale dog collars are the best dog collar for dogs that slip out of regular dog collars, and will keep your dog safe on leash. They are also a great training collar, and are preferred by most dog trainers. For more information about martingale collars and their use, read our blog article about Martingale Dog Collars. If you are buying your first martingale collar, please read our article on Martingale Collar Safety & Use.



  • Great for rescues, escape artists, dogs with small heads (sighthounds) and for leash training. Learn more about Martingale Dog Collars here.
  • Buckle style allows for easy-on/easy-off, or for dogs that are uncomfortable with having a collar going over their head/ears.
  • Adjuster allows you to make the collar larger or smaller to fit (within size ranges noted below).
  • Lightweight and comfortable. Can be worn inside off-leash.
  • Material: Heavy-Duty nylon webbing.
  • Care: Machine wash cold/warm, normal cycle, air dry
  • Handcrafted exclusively by The Artful Canine here in USA
  • 1-year durability guarantee


  • Customize this collar even more with your favorite sports Team colors!
  • Nylon leash in 1', 4', 5', and 6' lengths
  • Sewn in D-ring for ID Tags


NOTE: Custom orders require 3 - 5 business days to process.  Custom made products cannot be returned for refund or exchange. Please measure your dog's neck to ensure a proper fit before ordering. When ordering a custom collar, be mindful of the width of the collar and how it will fit on your dog. While you may order any width you'd like, the wider the collar, the heavier and bigger the hardware will be. The narrower the collar, the thinner and smaller the hardware will be. For best results, order the width that corresponds to our in-stock styles: 5/8" for x-small, small collars; 3/4" for medium collars, 1" for large, x-large collars.