Custom Martingale Collar with Buckle & Chain Loop, Basic Nylon

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Our Martingale Collar with chain and buckle closure is great for training/controlling dogs, and is much easier to take off/put on compared to our slip-on martingale with chain loop. Martingales with chain loops are perfect tool for leash training or dogs that are very strong "pullers" on leash. Fabric martingales will wear out more quickly from the friction that occurs with dogs that are always pulling on leash - that's why this martingale style works well. The metal loop is extremely durable and long-lasting.

The advantage of a chain loop (vs. nylon) is the sound of the chain. A tug of the leash in conjunction with a voice commend helps facilitate a dogs learning process. 

This martingale  "half-check" is made to order, so you can create a good-looking collar that is functional and practical too. Visit our Martingale Collar Sizing Page for fitting your dog in our martingale collars.


  • Great for dogs that are hard on traditional martingales, or slip out of traditional buckle collars. Learn more about Martingale Dog Collars here.
  • Buckle style allows for easy-on/easy-off, or for dogs that are uncomfortable with having a collar going over their head/ears.
  • Durable steel chain loop for added durability or training
  • Optional stainless steel loop (in 1" width only)
  • Adjustable, lightweight, washable.
  • Materials: Fade-resistant, heavy-duty nylon webbing.
  • Care: Machine wash warm, normal cycle, flat dry
  • Handcrafted exclusively by The Artful Canine here in USA
  • 1-year durability guarantee


  • Your choice of webbing, buckle and adjuster color
  • Nylon or metal adjuster (hardware that adjusts collar to fit on neck) 

NOTE: Custom orders require 3 - 5 business days to process.  Custom made products cannot be returned for refund or exchange. Please measure your dog's neck to ensure a proper fit before ordering. When ordering a custom collar, be mindful of the width of the collar and how it will fit on your dog. While you may order any width you'd like, the wider the collar, the heavier and bigger the hardware will be. The narrower the collar, the thinner and smaller the hardware will be. For best results, order the width that corresponds to our in-stock styles: 5/8" for x-small, small collars; 3/4" for medium collars, 1" for large, x-large collars.



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