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Guide to Fitting Martingale Collars

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Is a Martingale Collar Right for You and Your Dog?

If you are unfamiliar with a martingale collar or half-check collar and their uses, we suggest you read our blog article, Martingale Dog Collars: Definitions & Uses before you buy. This article explains the features and benefits of each so that you can decide which martingale style will work best for you & your dog.

About Our Martingales

Our martingale collars are perfect for leash training, control on leash, dogs with small heads (like sighthounds) and dogs that back out of regular collars easily. Like our regular quick release collars, an Artful Canine Martingale Collar is fully adjustable, comfortable, durable, fashionable, and designed to last. All of our collars are made in our shop in the USA, and come with a limited 1 year guarantee. We offer several different martingale styles - a slip-on style,  half-check (chain loop) style,  a buckle martingale, and a buckle (chain loop) half-check. We have a huge selection of martingale collars in stock, and we offer half-checks made to order any way you want!

 How to determine the size you need for a Slip-On (slip over the head) Martingale or Half-Check collar:

  • Measure the largest part of your dog's head, and the middle of his/her neck.
  • If your dog's head is larger than its neck, you will need a size that is large enough to slip comfortably over its head.
  • If your dogs neck is larger than his head, then you need a collar that will fit comfortably around its neck. Your dogs head size will not matter in this case (e.g., Greyhounds, Shelties, etc.)
  • Add 2" to the largest measurement (head or neck) for larger dogs so that you have some room for weight gain or coat growth. For smaller dogs, 1" to 1.5" will do.
  • The collar size you select should adjust large enough to fit over the head, and adjust small enough to fit comfortably around the neck.

How to determine the size you need for a Buckle Martingale or Buckle Half Check collar:

  • If you are buying a martingale with a buckle, then you need only to fit the neck size.
  • Measure the middle of his/her neck. Add 1- 2" so that you have room for wight gain or coat growth.

NOTE: If you are ordering a custom collar, be mindful of the width of the collar and how it will fit on your dog. While you may order any width you'd like, the wider the collar, the heavier and bigger the hardware will be. The narrower the collar, the thinner and weaker the hardware will be. For best results, order the width that corresponds to our in-stock styles: 5/8" for x-small, small collars; 3/4" for medium collars, 1" for large, x-large collars.

How to fit your dog in your martingale collar or half-check collar once it arrives:

  • Adjust the collar it to it's largest size, working the nylon adjuster as far down as it will go
  • Slip the collar over your dog's nose and head. Once at the neck, adjust it down to a size for some wiggle room. You should be able to fit a finger or two in between your dogs collar and neck comfortably.
  • Attach your leash to the D-ring on the loop of the collar, and you are ready to go!

Like all of our dog walking gear, our martingale dog collars are deigned to last and are covered under our Limited 1-Year guarantee* All Artful Canine dog collars are washable and handcrafted exclusively by us here in Sunny Florida. Our Martingale dog collars are available in nearly all of our snap-on collar designs, from sizes X-Small to XX-large.