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Step In Harness Size Examples

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Step-In Dog Harness Measuring & Sizing Guide



Be sure to watch our video on Measuring Your Dog for our Step-in Dog Harnesses

The list below provides a few examples of dog breeds* and their approximate weight that would correlate to our harness sizes. If there is any uncertainty about your dogs size, Give us a call at our toll-free number listing at the top of this page. We'd be happy to help!

Note: Harness sizing can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just as one brands "small" differs from another brands "small" in human clothing, such is the case with a dog's harness. To ensure the proper fit, measure your dog with a soft tape rule for accurate measurement.

XX-Small dog Harnesses (8" - 14" girth)
(for dogs under 7 lbs)

X-Small dog Harnesses (12.5" - 18" girth)
(for dogs ranging 7 - 15 lbs)

Small Dog Dog Harnesses (16" - 23" girth)
(for dogs ranging 15 - 27 lbs)

Medium Dog Harnesses (20" - 29" girth)
(for dogs ranging 25 - 42 lbs)

Large Dog Harnesses (25" - 35" girth)
(for dogs ranging 40 - 60 lbs)

X-Large Dog Harnesses (31" - 41")
(for dogs ranging 60 - 80 lbs)

* According to AKC breed standards. Size and weight can vary widely from dog to dog, depending on breeder and their size standards.