Collars for a Cause - Program Requirements Acknowledgement

This acknowledgment contains the details of our requirements and serves as a confirmation that you have read and agree to our terms. If at any point you need clarification or help with these requirements, please reach out to us via email to

Documentation Required

Below are the 3 documents that need to be completed for consideration into our program. Before completed the application for submission, please review the following information on our requirements before submitting any forms to The Artful Canine.

  • Copy of your 501(c)3 Letter of Determination that includes your EIN number
  • Completed Collars for a Cause Program Application
  • Signed Program Requirements Acknowledgment

Program Requirements

In order to participate, your organization must meet the following requirements.

  • Be 501(c)3 approved. As indicated by the above documentation requirement, your organization MUST be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and submit the above noted documentation as proof.
  • Donated products cannot to be resold for any reason. These products are for use of the resident shelter/rescue dogs only.
  • Organization must have a Facebook (Business) Page and be able to administer Followers, Likes and posts via desktop or laptop device (cell phones do not allow you to administer these functions in Facebook).
  • "Follow" and "like" The Artful Canine’s Facebook page (from your business page).
  • Provide a dedicated contact for The Artful Canine to communicate with on product needs, and media collaboration such as Facebook.

The above requirements will help us help you in as many ways as we can. Our Facebook requirement will you give you access to engaging and educational content that you can share with those that follow your organization.  In addition to continuing product donations, we like to feature adoptable pups or any special stories you have through our Facebook page, Instagram and on Twitter. We will try to support any formal fundraising drives you have by promoting them too. With a captive Facebook audience and a customer base of over 30K, we will likely have fans in your locale, or customers that have an interest in your organization. So we simply ask in addition to the above that you:

  • Provide us with pictures of your adoptable pups whenever possible so that we can share on our Facebook page. We know that re-homing is your top priority, and that is something we would love to help with. The more people that see your pups, the more likely you are to find a home for them. Even better, if you can photograph them in one of our collars, we get bragging rights to boot!
  • Assign and provide a permanent contact person from your organization for ongoing communication with The Artful Canine. Consistency is key to keeping the relationship going, so be sure to keep us informed and be available should any opportunities to support your efforts arise.

Please print and sign this page as acknowledgment that you understand, and can meet, our program requirements. 


Name of Organization:


Signature of authorized officer:

____________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Name (Print) of the Above: 



 Please Email this signed Acknowledgment form to