Dog ID Tag Silencer, Keeper, Purple

Woof Hoof

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Called the "Peace Tag" by its maker, this Dog ID tag silencer, purple holds ID tags safe and sound(less)! Woofhoof's Peace Tag is a unique dog tag cover that protects your dog's tags while keeping them silent (and “peace”ful).  Reducing tag noise is very helpful for any dog owner who is bothered by noisy metal dog tags. Plus, it’s a fashion accessory that is both durable and stylish.  

The Peace Tag is made of quality Cordura material with a decorative embroidered Paw Print or Peace Sign. Up to three dog tags fit securely in the Peace Tag's pocket.

  • Size: 1-5/8" square. Will hold tags up to 1.5" comfortably
  • Hold several tags, depending on the tags thickness
  • Easy Velcro closure to open and close pouch
  • Made of Codura duck canvas material, has good abrasion resistance (4 times that of a comparable weight traditional 100% cotton fabric.)
  • Available in green, hot pink, blue, black, purple, lime and orange