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Dog Neck Sizes by Breed

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  • Sizing Chart

The list below provides a few examples of dog breeds* and the size we estimate will fit that particular breed. Note: These sizes are based on AKC breed standards, which tend to be smaller than the average dog obtained from a non-competitive breeder.

If your dog is a mixed breed, or if there is any uncertainty about your dogs size, we strongly recommend using the tape measure method for properly fitting your dog for our collars. We also suggest using your dogs weight as a guide, vs. its breed, as some breeds can vary greatly in size.

Australian Shepard - Large Great Dane - X - Large
Basset Hound - Large Havanese - Medium
Beagle - Medium Labrador Retreiver - X-Large
Bernese Mountain Dog - Custom (Size XXL and up) Maltese - Small
Bixhons Frises - Small Mastiffs - X-Large
Boston Terrier - Small Newfoundland - Custom (Size XXL and up)
Border Collie - Large Papillons - Small
Boxer - Large Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Large
Brittany - Large Pomerianian - Small
Bulldog - X-Large Portuguese Water Dog - Large
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Small Poodle (Standard) - Large
Chihuahua - X-Small Poodle (Mini) - Small
Cocker Spaniel - Medium Pug - Small
Collie - Large Rhodesian Ridgeback - X-Large
Dachshund - Small Rotweiller - X-Large
Doberman Pinscher - Large Scottish Terriers - Medium
English Springer Spaniel - Large (under 40lbs, Medium) Vizslas - Large
French Bulldog - Small Weimaraners - Large
German Shorthair Pointer - Large West Highland White Terrier - Small
Golden Retreiver - X-Large Yorkshire Terrier - X-Small