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Green Irish Clover Dog ID Tag
Pair this Irish dog ID tag one up with our Irish Celtic with Clover collar or martingale, and your pup will be high-stylin' the Irish way.
Starting Price: $13.99
Irish Celtic Dog Collar with Clover
This Irish Dog Collar is an original Artful Canine design. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, this clover and celtic knot design is sure to bring the luck of the Irish!
Starting Price: $11.99
Irish Celtic Dog Collar with Clover & Charm
Our exclusive Irish clover dog collar design with a sewn in tab for ID Tags or charms. Add your choice of charm and the luck of the Irish will be with your dog!
Starting Price: $14.99
Irish Celtic Dog Collar with Clover on Pink
The feminine version of our Irish Dog Collar. This pink and green irish collar separates your Irish Lassies from your Irish Lads.
Starting Price: $11.99
Irish Celtic Martingale Collar with Clover on Green
This Irish martingale collar design of green clover encircled by celtic knots is a nice twist on traditional Irish symbols. Available as a slip on martingale or buckle martingale collar.
Starting Price: $12.99
Irish Celtic Martingale Collar with Clover on Pink
This Irish martingale collar is for girls only! This stunning raspberry pink and green martingale dog collar will look great on Irish Dogs of all kinds. Available in buckle and slip on styles.
Starting Price: $12.99
Irish Celtic Step In Dog Harness with Clover
Our Irish Dog Harness is made of a fine celtic knot print with bright green clover leaf. An Artful Canine exclusive, you'll love how this step in harness looks on your dog.
Starting Price: $28.99
Irish Celtic Step In Dog Harness with Clover on Pink
This Pink Irish Step In Dog Harness is perfect for your Irish Lass. Both feminine and Irish, she'll get lots of attention when sporting this dog harness!
Starting Price: $28.99
Irish Clover Dog ID Tag
Pair this clover dog ID tag up with any of our green or Irish dog collars to bring the luck of the Irish.
Starting Price: $13.99
Pink Irish Clover Dog ID Tag
Finally, a girly Irish Dog ID Tag! Pair this Pink Irish Dog ID tag one up with our Pink Irish Celtic with Clover Collars for a complete look.
Starting Price: $13.99
Plaid Dog Collar, Irish National Tartan
This green, yellow and black Plaid Dog Collar is the one and only offical Irish tartan, and perfect for those seeking an authentic Irish Dog Collar for their dog.
Starting Price: $11.99
Plaid Dog Harness, Irish National Tartan
This Irish Tartan Step-in Dog Harness is the perfect compliment to a white or red coat. It will look good on Cairnes and Scottish Terriers too!
Starting Price: $28.99

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